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Industrial ice-making machines:

  • Pelagic fishing vessels

  • White-fish vessels

  • Poultry & beef transportation

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Unity FR165

Rapid chilling on board:

Unity, FR-165 has a 10 generator Slurry-Ice System to boost the performance of the RSW system on board. The system was installed by Skogland in Norway, replacing older Integral generators.

The main benefit of using the two systems together is to obtain faster initial chilling of the fish in the tanks, faster than is possible with the RSW system.

After the tanks are filled, the Slurry Ice System is run in conjunction with the RSW system to chill the water faster. Once chilled the Slurry Ice System takes over producing Slurry Ice with refrigerated sea water, this in turn increases the efficiency of the generators. With an ample supply of slurry-ice, the fish is chilled very quickly and is of a much higher quality.

1) The fish is firmer and less sensitive to handling.
2) The rapid chilling slows down all decay in the gut
3) The fish takes less salt when at zero degrees

According to Stephen Bellany, the skipper of the Unity, this method has given far better results and higher prices for the fish than has been possible before. During landing the fish can be bathed with slurry-ice in the receiving hopper, making sure the quality is kept all the way through processing.


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