Length: 1210mm
Width: 590mm
Height: 700mm
Weight: 290kg


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Industrial ice-making machines:

  • Pelagic fishing vessels

  • White-fish vessels

  • Poultry & beef transportation

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Trial 6 Cooling and monitoring of fish temperatures through the handling system

The fish handling system onboard provides small bins for the crew to store fish prior to washing. It was decided to monitor the fish temperatures in these grading bins to establish the benefits of applying liquid-ice, to the fish lying in these grading bins over a considerable period. All fish taken onboard the vessel are washed thoroughly through the fish handling system. The fishwasher uses seawater.

Temperature checks of a number of fish immediately after gutting showed the average to be 9.8C. The fish were then placed into a grading bin, within the fish handling system. After the grading bin was approximately full liquid ice was applied to the fish. After 1 hour temperatures were taken of the fish in the grading bin, prior to washing. Temperatures ranged from 7.1C to -1.1C, with the average being 4.5C. The fish were then washed vigorously prior to discharge into the fishroom. Temperature checks were taken from the same fish, which were held in the grading bin. After washing the temperature of the fish ranged from 9C to 5.1C, with an average of 7C, an increase of 2.5C from the average prior to washing.

Below: Liquid-ice hose showing
simple operating valve




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