Length: 1210mm
Width: 590mm
Height: 700mm
Weight: 290kg


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Industrial ice-making machines:

  • Pelagic fishing vessels

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Trial 2 Monitoring of fish temperatures, stored in liquid ice, with bins filled to various capacity.

A small trial was set up to see how quickly the fish stored in liquid-ice dropped in temperature, as the bin was being filled to capacity. Normal practice in the fishroom included a thick layer of flake ice at the bottom of each bin. After 2/3 baskets of fish (approx 90kg) were packed into the bin a layer of liquid-ice was applied. Each layer was left standing for approximately 60 seconds, letting the liquid-ice solidify, before the same onboard practice was applied again.

The bin sampled was small gutted haddock. The ambient temperature was 9.0C, as was the sea temperature. The temperature of the fishroom was -0.7C.

The bin was full when the trial started. After 35 minutes the bin was completely full, containing 456kg of fish.

The thermocouple was placed in the fillet of a fish, in the middle of the bin.

Below: Liquid-ice applied, mid-way through
packing a bin


Temp C


Initial temp


Bin full

+5 mins


+20 mins


+35 mins


Bin now full

+50 mins


+65 mins


+95 mins






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