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Industrial ice-making machines:

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Tobis HG306

Rapid chilling on board:

The Tobis HG 306 is a newbuild from Karstensens Skibsværft, launched in May 2009. The Tobis was designed to deliver the highest quality fish possible to the Danish consumer fish market.

With this as the main objective, Karstensens Shipyard in Skagen designed the ship and workdeck with the best equipment possible, this including Slurry-Ice machines. One of the key factors in delivering top quality fresh fish to the market is to chill the fish rapidly using Slurry-Ice.

The results speak for themselves, Tobis and its crew are now delivering the highest quality fish possible to the Danish market.

Karstensens Skibsværft have been in the forefront introducing rapid chilling and designing their ships to deliver fish with maximum quality. Ships already designed and delivered by Karstensens, and are using machines from Slurry-Ice Systems, are the Harvester and Ocean Harvest from Lunar Fishing in Peterhead (pictured right) and the new Þórunn Sveinsdóttir from The Westmann Islands in Iceland. The owners of Thórunn Sveindsdóttir have been using machines from Slurry-Ice Systems for 5 years in the older ship, running the machines for over 40.000 hours.

For more information feel free to contact the owners and skippers; John Kjærsgaard: +45 40 36 52 92 and Niels Kjærsgaard: +45 40 32 50 81, and Kent Damgaard, Karstensens skibsvaerft: +45 98 44 13 11, and of course James or Thor at Slurry-Ice Systems


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