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Industrial ice-making machines:

  • Pelagic fishing vessels

  • White-fish vessels

  • Poultry & beef transportation

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S16 Slurry Ice Generator:

The S16 SlurryIce System is an upper mid-range capacity system that is suitable for medium sized production lines. The system will produce a steady supply of god quality slurry ice. It is economical and easy to run and maintain.

Total Solutions:
Slurry Ice Systems and its partners can supply complete systems and services:
  • Systems installations
  • Tanks
  • Pre-coolers, many types suitable for various environments
  • Brine mixing systems
  • Other cooling and refrigeration solutions


Icing catch into bins

Slurry Ice Systems and its partner companies are world-wide leaders in the field of developing and manufacturing slurry ice systems.

Main Benefits:

  • Low power consumptions
  • Simple and robust design
  • No built-in pre-coolers which have proven to be prone to malfunctions and require much maintenance.
  • Easy access to all parts for maintenance
  • The slurry ice generators from Slurry Ice Systems are the only ones with CE-PED certification.

Technical Information:

1,585 - 4,000 litres/hour of 10-40% slurry ice.
The slurry ice is made with sea water and only requires 2.5-3% salt.

Length: 2,040mm
Width: 1,140mm
height: 1,762mm
Weight: 1,100kg

Power consumption: 32kW
Refrigerant: R404a
Voltage: 220/440 volt
Cooling: 8,000 litres/hour

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