Length: 1210mm
Width: 590mm
Height: 700mm
Weight: 290kg


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Industrial ice-making machines:

  • Pelagic fishing vessels

  • White-fish vessels

  • Poultry & beef transportation

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Ice machines:

Flake ice
The Buus machine was installed onboard the vessel in 1995. The machine is situated on the main working deck with two chutes directed into the wings of the fishroom. The system uses only fresh water and the capacity is 4 tonnes per day.

The Liquid-Ice machine was installed by Forbes Refrigeration at the end of 2002. Due to minor problems the system wasn’t fully operational until the end of January 2003. Training was given to the Master and the crew, on how to operate the system, by a representative from Liquid-Ice. A 500L tank was supplied, on a trial basis, and this tank is powered by a B-105 plant. The tank was situated on the main working deck while the plant is located in the engine room. One main pipe from the tank splits into 4 allowing different areas of the vessel to fully utilise liquid-ice.

Areas to which liquid-ice can be used:

Fish hopper

  • Grading bins along conveyor system
  • Fishroom – aft for use on bins
  • Fishroom – forward for use on boxes

The tank capacity is 500 litres and if emptied it takes 2 hours to refill. Each hose is operated by a valve which is situated at the end of the hose. The valve is turned 90° to run the liquid-ice at approximately 1litre per second.

Below: 500 litre tank and control system situated on the main working deck.

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